3 Signs of a Leak in the Basement

Keeping the basement dry adds to the home’s durability, reduces the need for repairs and lessens mold-related health issues. A basement with persistent moisture or slight water damage can create an uninviting space that reduces the home’s versatility. Regular inspections are crucial in detecting basement leaks and preventing small problems from turning into big ones. Below are five signs of water intrusion in the basement.


Mold is Nature’s warning that something is spoiled, and it can grow anywhere with too much moisture and not enough airflow. Mold produces irritants, allergens and, in some instances, poisons. People may experience a range of health issues, such as breathing trouble, headache, skin irritation, asthma and allergic reactions. Flooding is the most common cause of basement mold, and it can promote growth of dangerous, toxic black mold. Some species have a strong odor but some are odorless. Therefore, a professional mold remediation and basement waterproofing company should inspect the basement to ensure it is mold-free.


Cracks in the Foundation

Once the foundation is poured, cracks are a certainty. Cracking may naturally occur from shrinkage during the curing process, settlement from shifting soils, and stress from soil or water pressure. If the foundation is adequately waterproofed, it will not leak. However, if there are cracks wider than a hair, a leak may occur.

Tie Holes

In a poured concrete foundation, the forms are built of wood and steel rods. Once the foundation is poured, the rods and wood are removed, leaving a wall with holes roughly five-eighths of an inch in diameter, spaced approximately 18 inches apart. These holes are typically patched, but if they are not patched properly, they can be a weak spot that lets water into the basement. Softening of drywall or paint over a concrete wall may be an indication of a tie hole leak.

While most people don’t give the basement much thought, it is important to have it sealed by a basement waterproofing service. When the proper steps are taken, customers can enjoy a mold-free, clean and dry basement where they can store items or create an additional living space.

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